[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my Righte honorable
good sonne the Earle
of Shrouesbury//
My La of Sh: lettre
Cowntess E Shrewsbury
to the L G her sonne
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
my honorable good sonne and daughter; I thanke
you for your kynde sending to me;/ I am
excedingly trobuled to vnderstande of my
daughter of shrouesburys sycknes wherof
I never harde worde tyll mr abrahale his
now coming./ I haue ben toulde by
sondrye that come from London that you
both and our thre Iuyls weare all in good
healthe, and my cosine choworthe toulde
me that he harde at his being at your house
that you all weare well but that you
daughter weal weare a Lettell trobuled wth
a coulde./ yf your fytes be paste I truste
you wyll sovne recouer strenthe wth that
good order you wyll vse; in cressonmas I
was trobuled wth a coulde I then touke
and synce much greued for my daughter
cavendyshe wch was the cause I wrote
not. I thanke god I am now metly well
and take the eayre often abrode, wch I
fynde doth me moste good./ I haue
sente into gloster shire, for some towards
me to repare hether who I am desirus to
taulke wth before I make any further
answere touching mr wintars Letter,
sovne after eastar they wylbe heare thus
I am assured of that for the grounde mr
winter pretendeth tytell tow, he hath no
manar of righte to yt during my intriste
[page break]
this pece of grounde ys of smalle vallew
but yet so necessary for tormortone, that yt
cannot be spared; I woulde be glade to
Inioye my owne wth quiatnes yf I
mighte, when mr winter hath Louked
thorowly into his estate; I truste he
wyll reste satysfyed./ I desyre that I
may some tymes heare from you, both how
you doe haue your healthes; and when
yov meane to come into the contrye,
this eayre is better for you both then
London; and espetyally for you sweete
harte after your ague./ god blesse you
both and our thre Iuyls wth healthe
honor and all happynes, at hardwecke
this Laste of february//

your Loueing mother


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