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Sr my Lady desireth you after yt you haue
perused this inclosed to retorne yt ageyn to
hur La.p/

yours assured to command

W Cauendysshe

My honorable good Ladie I hartlie and humblie thanck yow that yt ~
pleasethe yor La: to acquainte me wth the marriage of yor granchilde
Mris Parpoint wth Mr George Manners whome his ffather
would needs commende to my seruice, although I did rather like
to vse him as my frend, and truly to my knowledge the younge
gent is to be liked and loued for his good condicions wch he
hathe naturally from his good father by birthe, and I doe
perswade my self that yor La: shall take muche comfort of
thir matche; so as betwixt his father and yor La: the twoe
younge folkes may be prouided for, to lyve wthout want, and
so I wishe to yor La: to take more Comfort by stirringe
abroade to visit yor frendes and children, and not to lyue so
solitary as yt semeth yow doe there in Chattesworthe
amongest hills and Rockes of Stones. ffrom the Court
at Wyndsore the ixth of August /1593.

Yor La: bounden assured

Will: Burghley./

To the right honorable my
verie good Lady the old ~
countesse of Shrewsbury

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