[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my Lorde & lady geue thes
[Overleaf: Notes]
[Letter Text: Notes]
My moste humble deuty remembred vnto yor honors, pleaseth it you tunderstand
that (thankes be to god) in moste perfite helthe we came hither to Padoa the
9 of october wher we are now well sattelled in suche a conuenient place
for our study or any other good exercise yt we doute not but to imploye the
tyme yt we tary here according to yor ho. expectation of vs./

We fulfill yor ho. commaundement in wrytynge the discource of our travayle
wch we would haue sent wth thes lettres but yt it could not be caryed so
conueniently wth them as it may be wth the next lettres we wryte./ ~
thus moste humbly crauinge yor ho. daly blessinge I ende, beseching the liuing
god to preserue yor ho. together in good helthe wth muche increace of hor
honor. Amen. Wrytten at Padoa the 4 of Nouember. Anno Salutis . 1570

Yor honors moste humble and obedient sonne
[significant space]

Gilbert Talbott

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