[Letter Text: Notes]
My dere none I see how carefull you Arre
of my helthe whyche if I were syke wold
Revyve me Agen/ I Resevyd Alettar from gylbard
by cent by nykeles clark/ you maye see the tyme
Aproches nere that Anew Alarom wylbe gyven
me whan you hav Redd his lettar I pray
you wryt to me Agen for I mynd of mondaye
to wryt by Antony barlow ho wyll be gladd
of the pursyvanteshipp if he can gett ^it^ ho shall
have my good wyll therein if ^you^ wyll wryt vpp
he maye safly delyvare it therefor I pray you fale
nott but send me yor Advyse consarnyng
this mattar/ fare well my only Ioye this
saturdaye I pray you kepe promes you sed
you wold be wt me wtin Afortnyght At the furthest
therefor lett me here from you whan I shall send
for you yor horses/ my swete harte/

Yor fethefull
husband most Assured

G Shrewsbury

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