To my servaunte Thomas Baldwine at Shrowesbury house in London
baldwen I wold have you ... me Aspanyche leddar gerken verry plane with longe cuttes/ & I wyll have it with Alonge belly & brode in the sholdares & lynde it about with parchmett of gere

nethar the sheryffe hath lett him goo At lybarte Apon landes & lykewys temploy I know nott the menyng thereof but surely I lyke it nott to say lyttell tyll the metyng in whytson weke were I loke for you to Remembre to sende doune my cloke to putt to mendenge by bentall it must coste xs mendeng & so for this tyme I sees. Sheffeld this xiij of may 1580/

Your Lord ...master

G Shrewsbury

a laburar brynging me this letter from my lord I openyd yt before I louked of the derectyon thenkeing yt had bene to my selfe; when you com brynge me word how my doughter pvrponte dothe a[nd] reste of myne doth your mystrys


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