Wyfe I have Resevyd your lettar of your gyrrelles hande Rehersenge your wantes/ I wyll souply them All I can I have cent you Abuke Adosen of pegens whyche were cent me this daye & for plate I wyll sende you ij basons & ewares more & All the cylvar plate I I (sic) mene trenchares if I hadd more you shuld have it/ I have cent you Abyllyment Ihone Knyfton brought by gylbard pryse xxjli strengar & sandes Ryse & nusum I have cent vnto you to wete/ I wold have wrytten more but my hedd Akes/ fare well my good wyfe/ at sheffeld viij of Auguste 1574/


G Shrewsbury

grete tormoyle dothe ij houses brede/

Your fesantes pueltes & iij pastes of Astage more than this daye I cent yow & othar trompys as bere & Ale whyche if I hadd nott dravghtes of my none here/ I could nott have gotten it brought/ so by this menes my workes & him gettenge is lyke to lye & be half spylte/ I have ij boxses of comfettes At the castell whych I wyll send you/ I sent you this daye iiijxx lemones & xx orenges by your caryare

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