To the Ryght my vary goode lord borley lorde of enlonde
24. October 1578 The Countesse of Shrewsbury to my Lord thankes/
my good Lord I fynde my selfe so meche bouend to your Lordship for all your honorabell fauores as I can not but acknolege that I take a sengeuler comforte theryn, and holde my selfe ryght hapey for the great benyfytte of so fast a frend/ thynkenge yt my parte to desyre knolege yn what statt of helthe your Lordship ys/ for whych respecte I chefely thought good to sende and here by also to aduertys that my Lord of Leycester be fore my comynge to courte aponted one vary good chamber with some of other Letyll rome to be made redy for me beynge parte of hys owne logynge wereof I reste vary glade for that I hade rather haue albeyett neuer so letyll acorner withyn the courte then greater easement forder of. har magystye vouchsafed moust gracyous speche and acseptance of my deuty, and as I haue alwaye[s] so I shall thynke my selfe moust humbley bonde trewly to honore sarue and prey for har magystye whyle I leue. good my lord for that I hope shortely to se you at courte I wyll now ceasse assurynge I wysshe your Lordship and al your as to myselfe al hapey welfare with mouste harty comendacyons to your Lordship my good lady your wyffe and good lady oxfort with har letyll swette lady I end recmond the xxiiij of october

your good Lordship's moust assured


as yt I haue not moued any sute to har magystye

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