To the right honorable my very good Lorde, Lorde Tresurar of England
my very good Lord, yt pleased her magestye at my Laste attending of her highnes, of her gracyus goodnes to assure me that your Lor[dship] and master Secretary should in shorte tyme heare and make a fynall end betwene my Lord me and my chyldryn, of such wronges as ys done to vs; my Lord then promyssed to send vp his sonne harry Talbott to attende one your Lordship and master Secretar for the fenishing of thes Lamentable Longe delayed causes, yet ys the mattar styll put of and yt ys now iij yeares and more that I and myne haue indured thes extreme wronge, I beceache your Lordship to be ameane to her magesty that we be no Longar delayed and that by your Lordship's paynes and trauell therin we may growe to some ende, else are we not able to indure yt any further, but to our vttar vndoing, her magestye knowes I haue comytted no faulte, my desire was to doe the beste saruice that dyd Lye in me, without respecte of any perryll myght happen to me or myne my assured hope ys that her magesty wyll deleuar me and not suffar Longar delays, and that I may Leue with my husband as I oughte, my Lord makes asporte at this broken reconsylment seing he ys suffared to vse me as he Lyste since his coming downe hath he not ben paste thryse with me, stayed not aboue a day at a tyme; nevar would suffar me to come to him to any other of his houses, tho I earnestly sued for yt, and that he promyssed her magesty to sende often for me./ her magestys good pleasur was and comandymente that I should adresse my selfe to your Lordship from tyme to tyme, for any thinge wherin I found my selfe wronged, which makes me presume to troble your Lordship the more, knowing that your Lordship wylbe moste ready to see althinges parformed that her magestys pleasur ys to haue done./ and thus beseeching the almighty to send your Lordship amoste happye Longe Lyffe I humble take my Leaue./ at wengfeld this vjth Octobar

your Lodyship's pore frende greatly oppressed


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