[Address Leaf]
To the quenes moust
excelente magystye
16. Mar 1577
The Countes of Shrewsbury
to the Quenes ma.tie
[Letter Text: Notes]
may yt plese your moust exelente magystye I am outterly
onhabyll to expresse the monyfolde causus I hau...
to yelde your magystye my moust humbyll
thankes and presently yn that I vnderstand
by my vary good lorde of lescester that yt hat...
plesed your magystye of your moust especyall
and gracyous goodnes to grante vnto my
poure dowter lenex the costody of har chylde
nott wtstandynge that ther were dyuers
meanes yoused to your heghnes for the
conterary someche the more am I bounden to
rest your faythefoull and thanfoull
saruante for the same/ and I do beseche
your magystye that I may commette
wolly vnto your moust Gracyous Consedera^cyon^
my sayde poure dowteres case of whoyes only
goodnes I repouse my wolle troust/ besechinge
your magystye also to haue yn remembrance
the forder sutte of my lord and me one
theyes two owre chylderyne behalfe, and so
as we are moust ^bowden^ we wyll neuer seasse to prey
to the almyghte god longe to prosper your
magystye yn all joy perfytt healthe and selycyte
wt longe and happy reyne ouer vs at shefelde
the xvij of marche

your magystyes moust
bouden subgett and saruant


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