[Address Leaf: Notes]
To my werrey good Lady.

My Lady Comptass of
Shewsbury ~
[Letter Text: Notes]
My werry good Lady ...
That I hawe delywerit zowr ...
wha hes schawin him self werry faworable ...
quenis mateis contentment, as he contenoually doth ...
for zowr honores writtyng, which I hawe schawin ...
who hes hyr werry hartely recommendit, to zowr /l/ an...
zow thankis of zowr ^offer^ to come hether as hyr hynes shall...
zowr honor. forder hyr mate hes granttit to remowe ye chapelane
with pleasor and is werry desyrowss that my Elder sonne remaine
with hyr mate which I hawe spokin to my lordis honor zowr howsband
who fyndis ye same werry gwod, bot becawss I will hawe all thyngis
concernyng me to be Obteinit be zowr /l/ procurment, I hawe said to my
Lord yat I wold wreit to zowr /l/ to stand my good freind in my swit
wharof his honor was werry glaide. and to ye effect that ane war=
rand may be Obteinit from ye cowrt for his tarying and admission, I
will request zowr honorable /l/ to wreit to my lord Bawchly, who bearris
my sonne good favor and knowis him weall, makyng mention that he
meteinnis dayly in ye quennis presens ye religion which hyr mate
sufferis patiently, and takis In good part, and hopis to proffet hyr
mate forder, Someway that I for that occasion hawe purchassit ye
quennis mateis licens that honor my lordis honor do reteine him, and
of suche other caussis as zowr honor can bettir wreit then I
can awyss zow. and gif zowr honor thynkis good that my Lordis
Awin writtin any way help zowr /l/ will writt to my lord therin
as ye thynk maist expedient. Pleas zowr /l/ resawe the copy of
ye fontaine. This with my werry hartely commendations to zowr
honorable /l/ I will commit zowr /l/ to god. lookyng for zowr /l/ answer
at cheffeild ye iij of May 1571.
[significant space]

zor honnorable/ Le/ lowyng
frend at zwar wrycht seruice


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