[Address Leaf]
To my wyfe the countes of
[Letter Text: Notes]
My dere none I have Resevyd yor lettar persevyng
thereby you were lothe to lees my the offall of my beste
I kyll wekely/ surely if it were bettar for you to
have the hole boddes & the offall to/ than wekely to
send & bettar could I lyke it & sure I Am more
[deletion] honor there is in it/ & lesse proffett to you ^to have nothynge lost ...^/ & surely
consyderenge the waverenges of yor sum/ I have no delyt
more cost shuldbe bestoid there/ & assure yor celfe I can
nott lyke to have you vndo yor celfe/ & hyndar me
& my workes to bestowe my men in worke there &
you to kepe so many men as you doo/ consyderenge
my byldenge I begyne/ & how I shall nott be Abell to
furnysche you wt coron & leves as I have done tyll that
be fenyshed/ I am gladd yor sunne wylbe Advysed
by you & to send for his wyfe for there beenge
here [deletion] for the xij dayes therein doo As you lyke
beste it shall ples me/ I pray you tak ordar for
the plate & shet damask & dyeper napkens & shetes that
there may be brought/ for here is nethar damask nor
dyeper napkens in the house/ I Am mych in dout it
wylbe thersday next before we can Remove because of
wedensday is sent Ihonas daye/ farewell my only
Ioye Sheffeld this frydaye At x of the cloke

Yor fethefull husband

G Shrewsbury

wysche me wt [deletion] you/ you Arr nott
forgotten here by yor frends/ thow well
worthy to be so longe Awaye

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