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To my wyfe the countes of
[Letter Text: Notes]
My one swete hart I have Resevyd yor lettares wherein
you wysche me to send vpp agen wych I wyll doo but it semes
hur mate is so bent as hardly wyll it be graunted spesyally
hur goinge to buxtons/ were it Aperes you want ^new^ wyne
& the old Remenes/ I wyll send herein Abylld and to send you
ij ponsyons of new wyne from wyngfeld [deletion]
[deletion] because it is nerest & ferest way/ & for the Cli fyfte
wyll I send you this weke ^& the othar be sune as it cum^/ & where you wold have ijCli more
At London I have gyven ordar to paye ^All I Reseve^ to my L montegull
there so as that I wold nott have you to mak Acount of it
& be desevyd/ & if by possybell menes I can have
my money dew payd vnto me I wylbe gladd to helpe you
butt otharwyes I have so my oun to do wtall this somare
as I Am fene to trye my fryendes for money Amonges ^them^ h [deletion]
[deletion] ^you beenge^ chefeste [deletion] Arre you have stoppyd my mowth
for berenge of you any [deletion] yor want beenge so grete
& therefore in that mattar I can nott helpe you so many
brekenge promes wt me butt my love & yor frend
commendes them to you & dothe I thanke god very well
& I praye you commende me to the gret belly god blesse
her & you. & I pray you drenke to vs as we doo to you
& this day I told my lade lynoxe that che Askenge me of
hur goinge to chatsworth I told hur che [deletion] shuld staye Awyle
because I douted of my cummynge so sone to chatsworth
where it semyd to greve hur che shuld nott cum to the brengeng
to bedd of hur cystar wych I Infere you doo hur wrong
therein for it were nott Amysse che shuldbe wt hur now
& grace Also. where so evar you mynd ^& wysche^ they shall Remene
lett me here Agen from you to morow at nyght herein
As you lyke so wyll I Sheffeld this xxj Iune 1580/

Yor fethefull husband

G Shrewsbury

I wyll send you leves to mowe
in/ I pray you tell gylbard I wold
have him be of wedensday At bakewell
& marmyon wt him where Roland darre wylle wt mete
him About the ordar for the treyd shotte

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