Right honorable my very good Lady Considering the deuty I owe vnto my Lorde and your honorable selfe I thought it not my parte to lette passe any seruice, the omission wherof might turne either to your honors preiudice or withdrawe any proffite that may bee dewe Soe it is I am certainly lette to vnderstande that one Wiliam Vaughan of Llaurethall standeth outlawed after iudgement at the suite of one Master Ambrose griffith by reason of which outlawery the proffits of his lands and all his goods ar forfeted vnto my Lord his land and goods lyinge within your manor of Irchenfilde his stocke being worthe 500 li. And yet of this your Ladyship is like to bee defrauded if your honor doe not wright vnto your officers to haue especiall care therof. and they will the rather perfourme their deuties therin when they shall vnderstand that my Lorde and your Ladyship ar acquancted with the matter and doe geue directions for the honest exequution of the same.

I proceeded noe further with Cole considering I receiued noe further directions from your Ladyship vppon your receipt of my laste leter supposing your honor doth mislike of his asseurance Thus being bould to trouble your Ladyship rather choosing to doe soe then to omitte any parte of my dewty in doing seruice to your honors to whome after my own ... I reste most bounden and allwais redy t[o] bee commaunded to the vttermost of my poore powre Longford 26 September

[Iohn] ...

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