To me lady.
Besekyng ye allmyghty to preserue your honorable helthe. your honour I truste shall receive here part off your pryncypall Iuelles I truste in ye allmyghte in as good helthe & mery as ye parted from Wynffeld which was to them as mery & pleasand as ye recevyng off them wylbe Comfortable to your ladyship which I truste & daylly prefor meay contenew in lyke comford & plessure duryng all your lyffe & send all your honour's oyer great greffes torned to ye lyke comffordes so with me harty prayer for ye same I take me leaue Wynfeld this xxij of apryll 1589

your honor’s obedyent seruand

your honour shall nede to take no thowght botte be merye for you shall fynd all thynges here I truste in as good order as you leafte them for we nether wyll yeld to commandment nor forsse except your honour's hand & yett we wyll lett your honour vnderstand & haue a second comandment by on off your owen men vnder your hand leaste ye fruste be counterfett

Nycholas Kynnersley

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