To my Lady
My duty most humbly remembered I thinke it longe sence I hard of your Ladyship and ther fore send this berer to bring vs word of your Ladyship's good health and to pray to the hiest to send your Ladyship a hapy new yer and mayny of them: I haue mad bould to present your Ladyship with this quission which is mad iust by the pateron of my daughter of arandals bed: and sparner and do besech your Ladyship to yous it euery day at your pray[er] to leane of it which I pray god you may... doe with all comfort my lord desires me ... remeber his duty to your Ladyship and so humbly beseching your Ladyship's blesing to vs all in like humbel maner I will take my leue with the prayrs of vs all to the hiest for your Ladyship's longe life

at shefild loge this 30 of desember

your Ladyship's most humbell and obedient daughter

Ma: Shrowsbury

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