To my owne good wyff att chatsworth delyvar thys,
my happe ys evyll my tyme worse spentte for that my rewarde as yett ys nothyng more then fayre wordes wyth the lyke promysys take all in good parte/ and yff I schowlde vnderstande the conterarye yt wolde troble me more then my pen schall expresse/ I have leave to cvm and wayte apon the I and my brother clement wyth towe or thre good felloes more had beyn wyth the by thys daye yff ytt hadde nott beyn for owre checkar mattar the whyche I wyll nott leave over rawlye I wyll forbeare the anseryng off all partycvlarytes in thy last lettar wryten vnto me for that god wyllyng I wyll thys nextt weke be the messyngar my seyllff/ maestar man kame home the nyghtt before the date hereoff he pvttyth me in great hope off the mattar yow wote off thvs trvstyng that god provydeth for vs althyngs for the beste I ende commyttyng the and all thyne whyche ar myen vnto hys blessyd wyll and ordenans/ farewell my owne swete besse from maestar mans howse in redcrosse strete the xijth off octobar/

by hym who dareth not so nere hys commyng home to terme the as thow artt yett thyen/

Wyllyam Seyntlo/

my cosyn clarcke salvteth the who was by me at the wrytyng hereoff/

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