21: february. 1602 To the Countess of Shrewsbury Dowager. From Master Vichamberlin and my Master by Sir Henry Broucker
Madame; Her Majesty being pleased to send downe this Gentleman Sir Henry Broucker, to whome she hath committed the trust and carriadge of this busynes, which groweth from the Last Declaration which the Lady Arbella sent you, seconded with a Lettre of her owne to vs, bearing date the 6. of februarij (all which her Majesty hath seen and read) There remaineth Little more for vs to say, then this, which followeth; first, her Majesty reiterateth her gracious acceptation of your syncere and carefull dealing, wishing styll, that your vsage of the Lady may be accompanied with those circumstances, which were expressed in our Late priuit Lettre vnto you: for although it appeare, before these Laste Lettres; that some vayne humours doe possess her minde, who being yong is easily mislead with false and flattering tongues; yet her Majesty would haue you onely to vse her according to our Last Lettre, except when you shall discouer, that her actions tende to any dishonorable practises; least the world should thinke she were to be used, as a Prysonner; considering that your Ladyship keepeth a house so full of discreet servants both men and women; and hauing also Master William Cauendish who being her Vncle, and a wise Gentleman, can not but be an excellent Compagnion for her, as well as an Obseruer when any matter more then ordinarij is travelling in her Minde, or putt in practise: to whome as well as to your Ladyship her Majesty hath commanded vs, to deliure thus much; That seeing by the yong Ladys Lettres, it is almost impossible to make jugement, whome or what she meaneth (so many contrarieties appearing) and therefore that it wilbe hard, to resolue precisely, what should be done except we were vpon the place, her Majesty requireth you, and Master William Cauendish, both to geue credytt to this Gentleman Sir Henry Broucker, and when he shall haue spoken with the yong Lady, and find cause, to aduise of any course to be taken, vntyll her Majesty be aduertised, that in such case; your Ladyship or any other, to whome it may appertaine, be conformable to his advise; being that which we haue geuen him authority to signifye, as he shall shall find fytt for her Majestes honor in such a case./. And thus hauing now deliuered you as much as the present tyme requireth, wee recommend your Ladyship to Gods protection. from the Court at Richmond the 21th of februarij .1602

your Ladyships loving frendes.

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