To the right worshipfull and my vereye good ladye my Ladye Sentloo at Chattesworthe this be delivered
Right wurshipffull. and my vereye good ladye/ after my hertiest comendacions to your good ladishepe remembred even so require yow I meye be to good Master Sentloo. with most entyer thanckes for my wyne yat I haue ben bolde to take of his lyberalytie/ most hertelye thanckinge yow ffurthere for your bountiouse goodnes & cost bestowed of henrye my sonne & of those yat were with him at London as also for the good will and ffauour that I perceave ye beare to my said sonne/ which I preye gode he maye deserve/ and perceaved ffurthere yf ye coulde geat leave ye woulde come to Chattesworthe this whitsontide/ whethere ye would be glade to haue me & my wiffe to come. lyke as I vnderstand the same. by a lettre receaved this morninge ffrome Master Hardwycke/ wherbye I do not onlye perceave ye be come to Chattesworthe but would haue me & my wife to come over to make merrie/ but to procede ffurthere to the perffytinge of the wrytinges accordinge to our former comunication trulye madame I woulde as gladlie come as ye woulde be to haue me/ but I am not abill to goo nor ryde/ but to my great payne trouble & shame/ and because I woulde ye shoulde not thincke I doo yt to staye of anyethinge/ which I am as willinge to haue performed and perfyted as ye arre/ after the wrytinges be maed & sealled/ yt shull be at your pleasure to cause the same to be drawen in paper accordinglye as I thincke ye haue goode remembrance of tharticles of our agreament/ ye recyted them so fformallye a lytill before our partinge/ and so send them to me/ or else I to geat them done/ thoughe learned men be skaunt in the countrye at this presente/ and so I to sende them to yow. which ones agreede vppon by vs boothe and our councelles then to ingrose the same readye to seallinge. which for my parte I shall doo. so ffare as I can with my helthe/ and after to haue the matrymonye so sone accomplyshed. as ye shall seame goode & conveynyent at your pleasure/ and forasmoche as I am even nowe & haue bene for this fourtnight or iij. weekes. moche troubled. with payne of my disease I shall require yow to take this rewde wrytinge in good part. yat wrytes with moche payne/ vntill I know furthere of your pleasure in the meane season leavinge to trouble yow anye ffurthere. doo beseche allmightie gode to haue yow and Master Sentloo euermore in his kepinge. ffrome holme in hast the xviijth of maij 1562.

in hast & leasureles by your good ladishipes to his lytill powere/

George. pierponnte K.

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