To my Lady
I receaved a lettre from my Lorde since this lettre was sealed & then I had no tyme by this messenger to Wryte agane vnto your Ladyship which came in a comfortable season vnto me.
My moste humble duty remembred vnto your good Ladyship

To fulfyll your Ladyship’s commandement, & in discharge of my duty by wryting rather then for any matter of importaunnce that I can learne, I herewith troble your Ladyship her majestie styrreth litell abrode, and since the stay of the navy to sea, here hathe bene all thinges very quieat, and almoste no other taulke but of this Late proclamation for apparell, which is thought shall be very severely executed, both here at the cowrte, & at London. I haue wrytten to my Lorde of the brute yat is here of his beyng sick agayne, which I nothing doubte, but yat it is vtterly vntrew, howbeit because I never harde from my Lord nor your Ladyship since I came vp, I can not chuse but be sumwhat trobled, & yet I consyder the like hathe bene often reported moste falcely and withoute cause, as I beseche god this be./

my Lady cobbam asketh daly how your Ladyship dothe, and yesterday prayed me, the next tyme I wryt to doe her very hartie commendacions vnto your Ladyship saynge openly she remayneth vnto your Ladyship as she was wonte, as vnto her deereste frend: my Lady Lenox hathe not bene at the cowrte since I came./

on Wednesday next I truste (god willing) to goe hence towarde Goderydge, and shortely after to be at sheffeld. And so moste humbly craving your Ladyship’s blessing with my wonted prayer for your honor and moste perfite helth Lonnge to continew

from the cowrte at Grenewidg this xxviijth Iune. 1574 Your Ladyship’s most humble and obedient sun:

Gilbert Talbott

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