Copy of ye Erle of Leycester lettre to ye Countess of Shrewsbury's honour
Good Madam, I shall not nede to move her Maiestie anye further in your cause findinge her very myndfull thereof And she dowtes nothinge but my Loord will performe the order she hathe sett downe to him which is that my Lord your husband sholde haue vCli in Lande worthe so muche by yere/ your self and your Children to enioye the rente of your Landes and leases quietlie and that yow sholde haue suche arrerages as was dewe to yow by your tenantes whome also her pleasure is sholde be well vsed And further my Lord sholde not trowble your sonnes with those accions he had againste them/ Thus muche her majestie// willed me to saie to yow and that your Ladyship sholde not thincke she dothe forgett what she hathe promysed aswell for the Leases of the Peake fforreste and for Asheford. Allbeit for my parte Madam I wolde rather haue wished my Lord had had the Leases as also for your greater quietnes to suffer my Lord to take his Choise of the reste./ Thus in some haste../ ffrome Grenewich this xijth of Julye I take my Leave:/

Your Ladyship's assured ffrende/

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