To the right honourable and my very good Lady the [Co]untesse of Shrewsbury. haste haste haste
It may please your Ladiship, where of late Bryam and Hersey Lassels hauing bene before my Lordes of her majestes counsell, it appeerith dyrectly by the lettres both of the Queene of Scottes and of the duke of Norffolkes allso, that Hersey (as he confessith also himselfe) hath bene a dealer so in lynnes with the Queene there by the meanes of his brother being in seruyce there, And yet that his dealing was nott without knowledge of your Ladiship to the end (as he sayth) that the same might be allwais knowen, I haue thought good to aduertyse your Ladyship therof, And with all to pray you to lett me vnderstand the trouth of suche matter as your Ladiship doth know of the said hersey lassels dealinges from tyme to tyme as particulerly as your ladiship can remember, And so I take my leave of your Ladiship, from London the xiijth of October .1571.

Your Ladyship's at Command

W. Burghley

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