To my owne dear wyff att chatsworth delyver thys///
and avnde
My owne, more dearar to me then I am to my seylff, thow schaltte vnderstande thatt ytt ys no smale fear nor greyff vnto me off thye well doyng, then I showlde presentlye se what I dowght, nott onelye for thatt my contynvall nyghtlye dreams besyds my absens hath trobelyd me bvtt also cheyflye for that hvghe alsope kan nott sarttefye me in whatt estate thow nor thyne ys, whome I tendar more then I do Wyllyam Seyntlo therefore I praye the as thow doest love me lett me schortlye heare from the for the qvyetyng off my vnqvyetyd mynde howe thy owne swete seylff wyth all thyne doeth trvstyng schortlye to be emongst yow/ all thye frendes here salvteth the/ harrye skypwyth desyred me to make the and no other pryve that he ys svre off maestres neyll wyth whome he ys by thys tyme/ he hath sentt x thowsand thanckes vnto thye seylff for the same sche hath openyd all thyngs vnto hym/ to morowe syr rychard sackfelde and I ryde to london to gyther, apon satvrdaye nextt we retvrne hyther agayne/ the qvene yesterdaye her owne seylff rydeng apon the waye craved my horse, vnto home I gave hym resevyng openlye for the same manye goodlye wordes/ thvs wysschyng my seylff wyth thye seylff I bedde the my owne good sarvantte and cheyff oversear off my worcks moste harttelye farewell by thyne who ys holye and onelye thyne, ye and for all thyne whyls lyff lastyth/ from Wynsor the fowerth off septembar/

By the ryghtt worschypfvll good maestar and moste honest hvsbande maestar Syr

Wyllyam Seyntlo/ esqvyer/

commendde me to my my mother and to all mye brothers and systars there nott forgettyng francke wyth the reste off mye chyldren and thyne/ the amnar salvtethe the and sayeth no Ienttlemens chyldren in Ingland schalbe be bettar welcvm nor bettar loked vnto then owre boyes/ ones agayne farewell good honest swet

my seylff or greyves schalbe the nextt messynger/

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