To my verye good ladye my lady Sentlowe geff this
good madame for that I perseue you dyd mystake my Letter do eftsones trouble you Master clerke hathe receued my Letter and also youres/ as be hys answer you maye perseve wyche I have sent you/ and ones dyd promyse my men they should have money wyth them there tarynge there whas but shorte and also ye knowe that one maye do at one tyme that he can not do at another I sende vpt shortelye one of my men so that be the frendshype of your Letters agayn I maye chanse to spede/ and afore chrestemas one of the maysters of the chanserye wylbe wythe me and then I shall acknowlege a recognysance before hym as a statute at natyngham to whome Master Lek wyll have me/ I thanke good I am well amended and syns I had the emeroydes/ my pane yn my hede ys quyte gone frome/ but I fele age wher apon me for I may not abyd cold/ and thus good madame desiryng your Letter to Master clerke ... wythe my hertye commendacyons do wyshe vnto yow and all yours as vnto my selfe frome hardwycke the fyrst of december

your most lovynge brother

Iames Hardwycke

my coysn Wylloughbye ys maryed to master lytelltons daugheter of wocester shyre an mean gentyllman and hathe lytell past halfe to muche as the executors gave master knolles

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