To the righte honorable my verie good Ladye the countisse of Shrewsburie at Hardwick this
Righte honourable Ladie. As I haue sithens occasion hath offered bene redie to shewe my poore affectionate goodwill to your Ladyship soe doe I in all dutie continue the same. I meane in offeringe your Ladyship better pennyworth of my lande then any other shall obteyne at my handes yf therfore it please your good Ladyship to accepte it. I desire therof to be resolved, that as I am willinge to loose in respecte of your Ladyship's favoure I maie not for that be too muche hyndered. ffor I assure your Ladyship by the creditt of a poore gente that I haue bene delte withall for the bargayne sithens my departure frome your Ladyship by those that are bothe able and willinge, and this in dutie and to continue your Ladyship's favoure doe I signifie. And not to flatter my selfe that with this colour I maye drawe your Ladyship (whome I knowe to be wise) to a greater matter then is alredie offered vnlesse you canne better resolue of the wothe of thinge. onlie I desire that your Ladyship maye gayne by me. And this I intreate (my good Ladyship) maie suffise to shewe my poore thankfulnesse for all your honorable favours, and that when it shalbe to late for your Ladyship to haue what I am willinge, I maie be then excused by this offer. And although wee are not liklie to agree for this bargaine, yet lett me intreate soe much favoure of your Ladyship as to speake to master Candyshe to execute the writt for master Nedham which I deliuered hym/ which I knowe he maie easelie doe, if this disagremente betwene your Ladyship and my selfe doe nott hinder it, which I hope shall not. (And I humblie intreat it maye not) for it will muche hynder me and not benyfitt hym. I am inforced vppon speciall occasions to retorne to London verie shortlie, yf therfore it please your Ladyship to commaunde me oughte, ether here or there, I am in all readines to performe my beste service. I wilbe at my Cosyn Mundaye his howsse on fridaie nexte whether your Ladyship maie sende if there be occasion And soe humblie take my leave wishinge all helth and hapinesse to your good Ladyship ffrome Stalye this thirde of Auguste

your Ladyship's moste redie ...

Willi[iam?] ...

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