To my Lady of Shrovesbury her good Ladyshipp.
My moost humble duetie remembred vnto your honorable good Lady may it please you tunderstand that I loked to haue had somme determination of the meting of the parties by your last lettres. but I perceve you had in remembraunce the same by my cosen Cavendishe, but Master Sutton doth[e] say that he had none to me; It is requisite your pleasure be knowen betwyme by cause now my Lady's grace and Master Barttewe goethe shortly into the contry, and so wold vndertstand your full pleasure therein as sowne as might be; I was yestersday with Master Bartewe and he told me, my cosen Anthony Wingefeld was with her grace and talking of the matter; her grace lyked of my cosens comming to her howse in the contry; the which I told masetr Bartewe wold be to publike, considering bothe sydes requirethe secresy; he thoughte it best as I writte be fore; that she mighte comme vp to my cosen Wyngefeld, and a sighte to be had with great secresy; divers wayes without speeche; and thus once agayne, I thoughte to put you in remembrance and to do as your Ladyship dothe thinke the best; the yonge gentill man is comme now to Grayes Inne; and I haue bothe spoken to the father and to him to be acquainted with my cosen William Cavendishe, with which after sighte and the lyking of the parentes, may further the matter much, but there is no speche to him as yet by the earnest request of his father, in the matter till sighte be past; good madame send some speciall lettre of your determination of their meting whan and wheare with speed Newes heare is never certayne; but as thei be moost credebely reported, be thies that followes.

That quene mother is sicke and in a frensye for her son the King of Poland that hathe bine Kepte prisoner in Germany till now of late that he is released by composition.

That Rochell standethe vpon their gard and hathe receved monsieur Delano in the towne with many lustie gentilmen for their defence; and that the protestantes of langwidock provence dolfyne and Navarre doth withstand the king; and continuethe in armes.

That Conte Montgomery is gonne to sturre vp the Protestantes in Brayne wheare his land dothe laye.

That the Prince of Orange hathe gotten the porte of Midellbrugh that no vitalles cannot comme in by no meanes and is very stronge vpon Zeland;

That the newe Governor makethe as great a power as he can of the contry, and with shippes and ayde out of ffraunce; the which is thoughte shall not be able to succurr Medelbrugh.

That Scotland is quiete and Ireland full of great disquietnes; for this day the quene dothe heare all their opinions that hathe bine in Ireland in service and to resolve what is best to be donne there in.

That the Busshopp of Roos is gonne in to ffraunce Who thei say is lyke to bride muche inconveniences

And thus moost humble I take my leave of your honorable good Ladyship scribeled at London the .3. of ffebruary .1573.

Your honorable Ladyship's ever to command during lyfe

Hugh ffitzwilliam/

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