To my ryght hertilie beloued doghttar ladie sayntlo geue thesse wyth spide
Good doghtter I make me hertye commendations vnto you [S]endinge you my Delie blessinge good doghtter I hertilie [t]hanke you of your great candnesse shude to my [do]ghtter margrett which shie can neuer be abell to ...eseue butt throwe preyer doghtter I perseue that my son stands in greate nide of moneye for pementes he had to make doghtter seing my sun and you cannot a grie of the price of the land at awdewarke it were muche to my comforth if you wolde be so good to lende so muche moneye as you thinke it to be worthe and if the money be not paide be the daye a poyntede the land to be full boght and solde to you doghtter if you be mynded to bye me sones land in holl and I a suer you it is verye good land and better then awdewarke and the tenentes hansum men and the land stands vppon coule which I thinke is verye good for you doghtter if my sone sell this land it were muche to my comforth that you sholde haue it before anie other therfor I hertilie preye you good doghtter sum what to streyne your selfe for my sake doghtter the truthe is that sir francis leake is in hand with my sone to bye land in sonderye places which wolde be great discomforthe to me that he sholde haue it good doghtter if you wyll helpe me sone or bargine for anie money he must haue it be twyxte this and sondeye or eles it wyll doo smale peasure thus fare you well this present wedensdaye

be your louinge mother

Elizabeth liche

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