To the Right honorable & my verie good Lady the Countesse of Shrewsbury att Hardwicke delivered
Right honourable & my very good Lady I most humbly beseech your Ladyship giue me leave to acknowledge the manyfolde bonds of dutie & loue which I owe to your honour from whom (I most humbly thanke your Ladyship for the same) I doe still receave so many honourable favors, nothwithstandinge god hath taken awaye the meanes wherby (& not by any defecte of myne owne I might have hoped for the least parte of that honourable bountie which yt pleaseth your Ladyship still to afforde me with the Continuance of your Ladyship most honourable favors and Countenance which I respecte aboue all the rest. & for the which I doe & will euer Confesse & acknowledge my selfe infinitely bound to your honor & I most humbly beseech your Ladyship accordinge to your accustomed favor, att this tyme to accepte of my humble prayers to god that he will preserve your Ladyshipp in healthe honour & all happines, not onely this newe yeare which I praie god may be honourable & prosperous to your Ladyship & all yours but euen as many more yeares after, as shall seeme good to his Majestie that your honour liue vpon this earthe. to the great ioye & Comforte bothe of me & many others, but of my selfe Cheifly aboue others, who must needes Confesse my selfe more bounde to your Ladyship then any other. & who will euer remayne as dutifull & seruiceable to your Ladyship as your many & honourable favors have bound me to be. which is more then I Can make showe of but not more then I am allwayes readie to Confesse & shalbe most willinge to make proofe therof when soeuer ther shalbe any occasion offered for me to manifest the same./

And so most humbly Cravinge your Ladyships parardon for this my bouldnes and the Continuance of your honour & good opinion of me, with the remembrance of my humble dutie & service to your honour I most humbly take my leave and rest./

Your Ladyships euer most humble and readie to be Commaunded

W:m. Knyveton:.

Myrcaston this last of December 1607.

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