Vnderstandinge by this bearer Richard Weston, of the willinge mynde your Honor hath to deale with me before an other, for such woodes about Alton Parke as are mete to be dispended in the Iron woorkes there, and that your Ladyship is also contented to disburse at Midsomer next CCCCli towarde the furnishinge stocking & repayringe of the sayd workes. I will therfore with what conenient speede I may cause the waters to be vewed by men of skill, to thende I may be assured whether that proportion of wood may there be dispended, as willinglie your Honor would, which done I shalbe readie to conclude the bargaine with all speed. Thus with my dutie remembred vnto your Ladyship do committ the same to the tuicion of the Allmightie. London this xxjth of May 1591. v

Your Honors to commande./

Letter to ye cowntes of Shresbury for CCCCli./

Beinge offrred a bargaine of wood nere Alton Parke, by the countesse your Mother in law to be dispended in Iron workes there aboutes, after the rate of fyve shillinges for the woodes of euerye dozen of coles yearly to be payed, and vnderstandinge her Ladyship’s estate, to be therin for terme of lyfe, haue thought it mete to make your honor acquaynted before my further proceedinges. And if in dealinge with my Ladyship I may haue your LLordship's good will & consent for the continuance of the yeares, that shalbe agreed vppon betwixt vs yeldinge yowr Lordship the lyke rate for wood if she should happen to dye before the expiration of the terme the bargaine might stande me in some steed, otherwise I would be loth to purchase your Lordship’s displeasure, or to make soe vncerten a match, wherfore I humbly pray your Lordship to lett me receaue by this bearer your full resolution, the rather for that some others to whome lyke motion hath bene made seke to preuent me, wherin I shall account my selfe much behouldinge to your good Lordship My Lord cane nott tylle howe to Annsawer the Lettar ffor the Conntyneuwes of the bargynenge yf my Lady showlld dye exsepe the wood be Ratted of some prysse and hye Cane nott thencke but the Colles wyle Leye yow in xs a dossene whyche is a Resonabell Ryckennge in that/ Countre so I take yt a verye good Cowrse to have the Lettare sent as yet was ffyrst penned

yt where allso good that yowr worship showlld wrytt vnto master bentele that yf vpon the delleuere of the Lettar vnto my ... Lord/ his/ hounnar well Connsent to your barggynenge with my Lady and ffor is ovne part well daylle with yow and any other sort by alltryenge of the/ bargyne and to be payd by the dosen of Colles som sartyn propossand delleverynnge then at the worckes at is ovne Charge or to be payd by the Cord of wood hye allso berenge at the Charg at of ffawllynge Cuttinge and Cardinge or to be payd by the Card of wood yow berynge at the Charge of ffawllynge Cuttinge and Cardinge yf his hounnare desyere to alltare the bargyne vpon any suche poynte master bentelle to knowe is prysse and to sartyffy yow there of spydaly


about a Bargaine for Wood with my Ladie Shrewsbury./ 1591

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